Tree Risk Management

Tree owners have a duty of care to take reasonable measures to ensure that trees under their ownership or control do not cause harm or damage to others through structural failure.


With broad knowledge base and experience of tree physiology, structural defects and the significance of pests and diseases, we are able to provide a balanced judgement of tree condition.  We take into account the nature of land use around the trees to assess the risk posed, and to provide a defendable approach to tree risk management.

We are experienced at providing tree risk management strategies and tree surveys for large organisations managing thousands of trees, to single tree inspections.  We own an IML Resi PD microdrill which is used on occasion to assess extent of wood decay.

Since 2008 we have undertaken regular routine inspections of all trees at London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.   Other clients include local authorities, schools, housing associations, corporate organisations with large tree stocks through to private individuals in domestic dwellings.